Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Not much to say about this other than that the protracted, pointless idiocy in the skies over Libya continues. It seems as though NATOs current goal is to be able to say "Hey, well at least we tried!" when all this winds down.

In the wake of Pakistan's insistence that the CIA sharply curtail its activities in the country, Foreign Policy provides some answers to a question I've been wondering about: "Since when did we ever ask for permission to spy on someone?":

The "unilateral" or "undeclared" agents that Kayani wants out of the country are precisely the ones who don't bother to ask for permission to be there. Given the security threats present in Pakistan, it's a safe bet that the CIA will continue to operate there on some level, whether or not it has an invitation.

Theresa Bait: Sure, it's not as awesome as this dizzyingly cool view of London but it's still a neat look at our international space shack.

And here's some doom: 

The really smart people have already put their wealth in gold bars and moved to New Zealand.

I personally intend to invest in crossbows and motorcycles and take to the streets as part of a rampaging, biker gang. But that's just me.

North Korea has confirmed that it is holding a US citizen for committing vague "crimes against the country". The entire country, mind you. All at once. At any rate, it gives ex-Presidents the chance to prove their continued usefulness. Whenever something like this happens, Carter or Clinton has to go over there to make the Kim's feel special. I wonder if maybe Jimmy and Bubba might get a break this time though? Are either of the Bush's busy? Maybe one of them wants to take a working vacation in the paradise that is the DPRK. Look at the photo! What fun they're having!

Berlusconi has announced that he will not seek another run as Prime Minister after his term expires in 2013. Coincidentally, he's been running Italy for about as long as Kim Il Jong has been the Dear Leader. I'm not sure which man has had more fun. I'm also not sure which leader has been more ambitious. Berlusconi has announced that before he leaves office, he'd like to make some minor changes to the Constitution. Nothing big mind you, just a "Don't Arrest Berlusconi Ever Again" amendment.

Quote of the Day: "You guys are lifesavers". It's part of a sad article on the desperate efforts people addicted to using drugs will go to. They'll travel great distances and make use of whatever suppliers they can find. I think it's only a matter of time before the DEA starts kicking in doors. They better be careful though. I think many of these users might be armed. Best to deploy SWAT teams.

In other news from the drug war, local dealers are fighting desperately to maintain a monopoly over business on their turf.

Sigh...Goddamnit. Once again, I'll be missing the Pittsburgh Comic Con. If any of y'all get the chance, you should definitely go. I could frankly care less about the person being interviewed in that article. But looking over the website for the convention I see that I'm going to miss out on meeting George Perez.

In other comic news, it appears as though the industry is having some issues. Awful pun, I know.

I am now totally bummed.

And now I am un-bummed. Is this article enough of an excuse to throw up a Guitar Wolf video? Yes, yes it is.

Video, after the jump!

What if there's no hell? Lovely thoughts from this pastor about a just and loving God. However, I don't think that they're particularly well aligned with Christian dogma. Which is precisely why I am not a Christian. I think the Bible is pretty clear on the existence of Hell and its purpose as a punishment for non-believers. I choose to not accept a faith that will condemn me to eternal torment for merely disagreeing and that seems to be a pretty explicit part of Christianity.

I might also point to stuff like this as more than enough reason to stay quite happily away from religion. Seriously? I should get involved with a God that wishes to torture me forever due to His unhealthy obsession with the use of tiny tubes of latex? I'm quite certain that were I to meet a human being expressing an interest in torturing me over a rubber, I would keep them well the fuck away.

And probably call the police for that matter.

Granted relationships with in-laws can be a bit awkward but seriously?

Makes sense.

I will probably never get to write this again: The migrant mole-men of Moscow.

Oh my...

Kermit the Frog: Sadistic coffee fascist.

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