Monday, June 27, 2011

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It looks like the hacker group LulzSec will be breaking up. Though no reasons are given, I suspect there's a Yoko Ono lurking in the background.

And while one group breaks up, another comes together. Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States will he holding talks with the Taliban to hash out something approaching peace in the region. With any luck, the participants will refrain from stabbing each other until at least the third meeting.

While Venezuela's Hugo Chavez convalesces in Cuba, his brother has taken to ranting about the viability of armed struggle in the event the dictator fails in the next election. Always nice to know that communists are so dedicated to the will of the people, that they'll shoot people that don't appreciate their dedication and vote accordingly.

I'm a pretty dedicated pedestrian and walk as much as I possibly can. I also think that people do use their cars more than they should. That said, the idea of governments actively working to make driving more miserable strikes me as profoundly perverse. If providing incentives to take public transportation isn't enough then...well, it seems like people probably want to drive pretty badly. I don't see any reason for governments to punish their citizens for this.

It finally makes sense to me! The Libyan bombing campaign isn't an "act of hostility". No, no, no... It's a pilot program!

Pretty much a day of governments behaving questionably it seems. Sadly, Israel is joining in the fun. Blocking journalists from reporting on what is clearly a news story is such a profoundly bad idea. As the country becomes increasingly isolated, it indicates that they've abandoned any attempt at controlling the narrative. They could take this as an opportunity to discuss their security concerns and show the world that they're able to respond to the situation with appropriate force. Unfortunately, it seems as though Israel just doesn't care anymore.

Forty years of futility.

Here's a bit of a silver lining though. It can't all be bad.

Here's another one.

2012 Watch: There are so many, so very, very many reasons to not support Rick Perry. My personal, number one reason? He killed a man.

As long as we're on the subject, this person is running too. Shocker.

Kacee Bait: How to...

Quote of the Day: "I told her to put it down because I thought it was a rat."

I think we can probably file this under bank robbery. I find this particularly chilling:

His experience doesn't bode well for Santiago's possessions.

"We have never gotten one piece of property back," he said.

Slow news day.

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