Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Well, I missed the State of the Union. I know, I know...Terribly irresponsible of me. Frankly though, I find that SOTUs rarely prove to be that significant. Mostly, it's just cheerleading. I'll catch up with it later. Maybe I can Netflix it.

Anyways here's the response from the loyal opposition...Huh? Wait, why are there two of you?

Huh...Looks like one of the replies might not have gone over too smoothly.

Interesting: In Monday's MoBlo, I mentioned that Al-Jazeera is running with it's own Arabic version of Wikileaks. It continues. Documents now purport to show operational cooperation between the PLA and the Israeli government over a targeted assassination. This is definitely not going to simplify things in the Middle East. Not one bit.

When I read articles like this, it makes me support a strong, heavily fortified fence between the United States and Mexico. I just don't understand why the Mexicans haven't built it yet! They need to do what they can to stop this American crap from getting into their country!

Cooking class! Twenty of them actually...I like Mark Bittman. My mother gave me his "How to Cook Everything" for Christmas. I find it wonderfully helpful. Sadly, this week marks the end of his columns for the New York Times.

Rahm Emanuel is back in the Chicago mayoral race. I think it makes sense. Besides the fact that he was showing a prominent position in the polls, I think that the residency issue was a bit silly. He was considered enough of a resident to vote in Chicago, why shouldn't he be able to run for office in Chicago? Ultimately, I have to agree with this analysis:

“In a circumstance where there is uncertainty” about the interpretation of an election statute, Mark D. Rosen, a professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law said, “basic democratic principles would suggest you would construe the uncertain statute to expand voter choices rather than contract them.”

Oh fun! Here's a 19th Century guide to New York's Brothels.

Do you support bans on using cell phones while driving? How about while walking? Idiot legislators. Let's hear it for these words of wisdom from Ms. Marie Wickham:

“I think it’s an infringement on personal rights,” she said. “At some point, we need to take responsibility for our own stupidity.”

Nice way of looking at the Super Bowl: We can't lose. Personally, I don't care if Green Bay's coach is a local boy. Packers fans wear cheese on their heads! There is something so profoundly wrong about that. It must be quashed. It does give a pretty good description of what Pittsburgh is like though. Our neighborhoods are tight!

Are we seriously considering trying a 13 year old boy as an adult for a crime (and a horrific one granted), that he committed when he was 11? How is that right?

Here's an audio take on the protests in Egypt. Harrowing.

Theresa Bait: 10 Ways to Make a Wonder Woman Show. I dunno about them...Do we really need to fiddle with the costume? That has proven to be less than awesome. I will concede that they can probably ditch the invisible jet. But they better not skimp on those fabulous, red hooker-boots!



And just for the hell of it... pancakes!

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